Nov 21, 2020

Pencil Colored this Very Special Birthday Card

Year end always feels like a bit of a rush, rite?  This whole Covid pandemic has taken 2020 entirely but now that December is looming ahead I am so ready to just let this roll by.  I don't feel the rush to complete and check all the to-do list although if I'm being honest isn't that long of a list to begin with.

I did however promised myself to keep up to a schedule to make cards every week.  I'm not apologizing that I haven't been able to do so- hard to stay focused and motivated to do things nowadays. I just feel like I don't want to be rushed to finish anything.  However I do want 2020 to be over,  it's been dragging too long. 

My card.  This is a birthday card that I send out to a dear friend's child recuperating from blood transplant.  The nicest, most giving human being I have ever come across while herself immersed in her own pain of having to care for a very sick baby.  That baby recently turned 5 years old and underwent blood transplant to fight his illness.  This is sort of a reminder to take it easy in their journey to recover fully and also to myself to keep on breathing through it all.

'Nuff said but as always thanks for stopping by.  Keep safe and keep on crafting.

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