May 19, 2018

Use What You Have: Journal cards as card toppers

Hello everyone. Today is a special day for Teachers and as part of a gift for my son’s teacher, I made this easy, quick card using Rosie’s Studio Journalling cards. Here’s a few photo of the card and link to watch it on Youtube is right at the bottom.

If I were to recreate this card, I would use a smaller sized sequins because there wasn't much of wriggle room for the sequins to move about.  These were 7mm gold sequins and you could probably get smaller ones from your local fabric store. 

I especially love these pattern paper with gold foil accents.  I'm pretty sure I'll be using more of Rosie's Studio paper for my other cards. I made a video of my workflow and posted it on Youtube and I love for you to go over my channel and have a look.  Thanks for stopping by and watching my videos, I will see you soon with some other card ideas using supplies you most probably already own.  Waste not, crafters. Till then, bye!

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