Jan 16, 2018

Minimal Supplies Cards

Hello my friends in cardmaking. I've been so inspired by all the beautiful love themed cards that's been shared around craft blogs  and YouTube channels that I wanted to challenge myself to make some valentine/love cards using supplies that's in my supplies.  In other words, I'm going to force myself to use supplies that I've been hoarding.  I'll disguise this challenge as a training but really it's just another way to trick my brain to quit buying and actually use the pretty pattern paper that's been in my stack for many many many moons.

Here's an outcome of said challenge.  Let's call it Card #1 of the Minimal Supplies-Love Edition.

You'll be seeing a couple more of such simple card -it's quite the challenge, really.  I kept second-guessing myself to use several different layout- too often to the point I thought that I might never be able to finish this card.  It's so true that as a crafter (and a person) you are your own worst critique.  I was literally assembling this card while 'telling' myself how to go about it in 2-3 different ways.  In the end, I stuck with the idea to use a whimsical pattern paper together with a 'structured' one.  I was pretty pleased with this one.   What do you make of this idea? Yay or nay?
Till then, thanks for dropping by and have a great day ahead.