Aug 14, 2017

So, this much happened..

Hello everyone.  I've been spending time at my little work space trying to make sense of the stash of paper and supplies that's spread on my table.  Struggling to express some kind of creativity, I turned to the wonderful place that we call youtube and boy! that place never seem to disappoint.  
I found my creative energy re-energized with the abundance of ideas by esteemed crafters and with that came the drive to take out my scissors and Bigshot and attempt to re-create or rather interpret the cards using my limited supplies. And by limited, I mean they're old 2-3 YO. 

Over the next few posts, I'll be sharing some of those cards that made the final cut. My aim is to use up as many supplies that I have, so that I won't feel guilty of hoarding stuff the next time I feel like browsing through those oh!-so-pretty online supplies store.   
The photo of hedgehog up there ended up being in one of my finished card.  I hope you'll be back for them.  See you!

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