Apr 13, 2014

KraftingKats' gone offline too.

I finally did it! My debut at a craft booth event happened last week. Well technically it was'nt the first time my cards made it to a public event but it was the first time it was at a crafter's market. 
I finally made it.

The market was a half day event starting at 12 noon. I arrived late around 1230 and that was'nt a cool way to make your crafting debut, it goes to show that you should make early arrangements with the kids sitter instead of making surprise drops.  

I shared the booth with a friend who's also making her debut at a crafter's market. We were finally among our peers. We were in awe.

That's me with Zarina owner of Yaya's Collection.  Oh, her family came to the market to support her. Yeay!

My side of the table and some of the cards that I brought along to the market.  My card display was frustrating, unattractive, uninviting.  The fact that only a handful of potential customers dropped by to see my card was not exactly a surprise. 

I could've done better.

When I decided to share booth with Zarina, I knew I didn't want to be sitting so  I brought along some tools and about an hour in started to make cards while waiting for interested visitors.  Sure enough a few flocked in, curious at the process and I managed to satisfy a visitor who wanted a ' thank you' card.  She went away from our booth a (happy) customer. Hi-5 to self.

Here's one of the card I made at the market.  This one's sold!

Hello, my name's Ann.

To sum it all up, I think this was definitely an eye opening experience.  Not only did I get to meet other crafters, I learned a lot about staging products as well as the importance of seller-customer interaction.  I can honestly admit that the sales were not outrageously encouraging but I believe what's more important at this stage of my crafting career is my work is somewhere out there. KraftingKats is officially legit offline too.  Looking forward to more crafters market here around Kuching. If you happen to meet me in one of these events, please come up and say hi! I'm painfully shy around strangers but once that first connection is made, you might actually think I talk too much. Lol!

Oh! Just one more thing, if you're new to this KraftingKats blog and have enjoyed looking through my work, I'd be honored and appreciate it a lot if you'd follow this blog or 'like' my KraftingKats FB page.  

See you soonest.

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