Sep 27, 2012

Announcement: About us

This announcement is made after lengthy considerations.  

As you probably know by reading the About page, this blog started with the intention of sharing our creations with errmm..well everyone else.  While we had hoped and work to increase our creations (cards/ quilling/ what-not)and get more exposure (read: sales), our business partnership has suffered tremendously.  All 3 of us now live in separate cities, making logistics (among others) to centralize our creations@supplies a nightmare and often times headache.  In between cities, each partner has found their separate callings and has each branched out on their own wings.

Talks on new creations as a collective KraftingKats have now change to  individual success stories.  By not talking too much about it, we have each said a lot about  this partnership.

While our friendship can still be salvaged, we believe our business partnership is best laid to a sad goodbye. 

Kraftingkats, will no longer be a blog where Friends share their handmade creations.   However, it'll continue to be a place for me to share handmade crafts and I will continue to post cards or whatever handmade creations that I feel is worth your Ringgit should you decide to purchase it.

Having said that, changes to this blog will be made, for starters..
1. New quilling designs will no longer be posted here, existing posts about previous quilling projects will not be removed and still available for viewing-I will forward ALL your queries to the designer should you still be interested in purchasing them.

2.  As this blog was previously a 3-gal-show, and now a 1 gal show, new designs of handmade items will definitely shrink in numbers.  Try as I may, I do have a full time job and little kiddos that demand my full time attention after a day in the office, so posting a new design/card every other day will be quite an interesting feat to juggle.

3. A piece of good news! If you are in Kuching, I can make hand delivery of your purchases at an agreed place and time otherwise I will have to charge for postage  (previously, this was a HUGE logistics problem for us due to living in different cities).  

Please note that the prices for my handmade cards are Very Reasonable compared to other creatively gifted cardmakers because MY DESIGNS are fairly simple compared to others yet I still use designer patterned paper, inks, stamping supplies and tools in many of the creations.  As such I wont be able to attend to price bargaining for individual purchases, however you can still ask for free quotation on bulk purchases- please email kraftingkats(at)gmail (dot) com or post your queries on my FB page.  The link is on the right sidebar.

I will continue to introduce changes to make this blog better in terms of products and customer satisfaction.  Thanks for still being here,  you've been a great listener, reader,supporter.  I'll be making my way to the craft table now.
Comments? Questions? 
You know how to reach me.

Much love,
Ann Lee

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