Aug 17, 2012

Hello, Friendship Card

Thanks for still being here till now.  Between day job, kids and a craft business, I have to remind myself that I am lucky to blog about my handmade business.  Having a business is hard work, but maintaining it is even harder.  I'm so grateful to have great customers who help spread news of my little shop here and the orders have kept me happily creating stuff.  Thank you all, you know who you are. :)

Alrite, two cards for you today:

AO004 -  Hello
Size:  10 cm x 15cm (white)
Type: Vertical fold
Inlay: blank
Price: RM 5.00 

AO005 -  Friends Life
Size:  10 cm x 15cm (light blue)
Type: Vertical fold
Inlay: blank
Price: RM 6.00 

I've been entertaining the idea of doing this little blog of mine a make-over. Oh, nothing much-just a little tweak here and there to spruce up the looks of this blog.  I could sure need some help with ideas.  Please leave a comment below or drop a line at our FB page.  

Anyway, hope you like the card and I'll be seeing you real soon.

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