Jun 17, 2012

Wedding guest book : Stenlee & Priscilla

Here's a wedding guest book that was custom ordered from a lovely couple who got married recently.
guest book

It's an A4 sized book of 50 x 160gsm paper held together with handbound stitch.  That's a good 100 pages if you want to write both sides of paper but the bride decided to use only 1 side of the paper.


 She wanted to have roses on it and the result is 3 different sizes and color.  

guest book

Only 1 side of the 160gsm paper was stamped with an elegant image of a bride and groom.  I added 2 pages of cardstock for her to insert their pre-wedding photos or for them to do some journaling of their memorable day.  

If you're interested to have a customised guest book for your big day or as a gift to a couple such as this, you can email me: kraftingkats[at]gmail.com or fill out this form .  You can also like us on FB (there's a like button on you right) or subscribe to our blog to get updates from our other custom orders.  An earlier post of our guest book and product description can be read here.

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